Daily Insights

GoPro Goes Home

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 10, 2020

Action-sports camera brand GoPro has built a following off of ultimate outdoor adventure videos, but as Coronavirus hinders its typical outdoor campaigns, the brand is bringing its messaging indoors. 

Brands including Nike and Visa have modified their marketing to focus on in-home campaigns, and through its new #HomePro challenge, GoPro is looking to do the same. The brand is holding a digital sweepstakes for fans of adventure sports who can no longer travel following restrictions of the pandemic. GoPro is urging fans to post their most creative in-home videos and upload them to Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or Facebook with the hashtags #GoPro and #HomePro. To submit a video, users can download the GoPro app from the App Store or Google Play and use it to shoot their clips—fans do not have to have a GoPro camera to enter— which could help the brand build up its usability and digital connectivity with new audiences, according to a Gartner report. Outdoor-turned-indoor adventurers have until April 30th to submit their videos—prizes for the challenge include a Hero8 Black GoPro camera, a GoPro Max, or a five-year subscription to the GoPro Plus service. 

GoPro is slightly changing the way people use its products, yet still staying true to its brand reputation. The #HomePro challenge lets the brand connect with fans across the world via social media which could not only strengthen GoPro’s promotional power, but also helps the brand set the groundwork for post-Coronavirus advertising. By reworking its marketing efforts to encourage social distancing, GoPro has created a lighthearted and entertaining distraction for fans on social media. The challenge could also strengthen the brand’s engagement with social media users, as more people turn to the platforms for amusement while self-isolating.  

GoPro has created a convivial challenge that encourages social media fans to find the fun and adventure in staying home. While brands are having to regularly rework their marketing efforts during the pandemic, GoPro shows that directly connecting with fans stuck indoors provides tremendous creative opportunity.