Daily Insights

Got Milk, Got Mills?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 20, 2021

General Mills’ cereal mascots sport milk mustaches as part of the food brand’s new partnership with “Got Milk?”. The collaboration includes social media and out of home activations that reflect consumer demand for nostalgia during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

On January 11, National Milk Day, the brand kicked off its new campaign by dousing some of its most famous mascots with milk mustaches both online and on their respective cereal boxes. The beloved lineup included Honey Nut Cheerios’ bee, Lucky Charms’ leprechaun, and Trix’s rabbit.  The mascots will also be seen on General Mills’ “Cereal Collective Milk Truck”, which is driving around Los Angeles delivering milk to consumers as part of an experiential venture. The advertising activation channels a “reimagined milk man experience” that extends online to the campaign website, where consumers can receive digital rebates for purchasing two gallons of milk and two boxes of General Mills cereal. The rebates are applicable for purchases made both online and in-store, which could help the food brand appeal to more homebound consumers during the pandemic. 

In a bid to reach younger consumers in particular, General Mills is also turning to TikTok and Instagram, where users can participate in the #CerealMilkStacheChallenge. Users on either platform can post images and videos of themselves donning a milk ‘stache, similar to “Got Milk?”’s original famous milk mustache ads of the 90’s. The nostalgia-driven social media strategy could appeal to consumers who remember the original campaign as well as younger users eager to get a taste of the trend. Utilizing Instagram and TikTok’s fad-focused design layout could further build awareness for the campaign according to a Gartner report, and help General Mills stay fresh in the minds of consumers seeking familiar comforts during the pandemic. The social media campaign follows General Mills’ nostalgia-driven partnership with Champion last September, where consumers could purchase activewear donning the brand’s mascots and cereal logos. 

Reviving “Got Milk?” with its own mascots could help General Mills elevate its visibility among consumers in store and on social media. With grocery delivery and online entertainment sustaining demand during the ongoing pandemic, the food brand’s ability to retain relevance could modernize its image and help it reach consumers of all ages.