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Grocery Delivery in a Dash

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 12, 2020

DoorDash recently partnered with Walgreens to deliver prescriptions and drugstore items, but its newest initiative allows the courier to deliver goods without having to stop at a store beforehand. 

DoorDash is upping its snack services with the launch of its own convenience store available only on its app. DashMart will be a fully digital quick-shopping option for customers ordering snacks, groceries, or pharmacy goods. The online convenience store is available in eight cities around the U.S., including Phoenix and Chicago, where app users can shop over 2,000 different products. Like a brick-and-mortar store, DashMart will carry a wide variety of items, including ready-made meals, household cleaning products, and bottled items from local restaurants such as sauces or spice blends. 

The creation of DashMart allows DoorDash to take a slice of the rapidly growing grocery delivery market. Though grocery delivery was already burgeoning before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, competition has increased tenfold since March. Stores such as Walmart and Target have upped their grocery services, while apps like Uber Eats and Postmates rolled out their own grocery options. By becoming its own grocery partner and provider, DoorDash could stand out from the competition. The courier app’s strategy is similar to Amazon’s quick digital delivery, but DoorDash users will be able to order and receive items within the same hour and track their minute-by-minute delivery. 

Though DoorDash has seen a surge in sales during the escalating food delivery wars, paving its own path in the courier app industry could help it maintain the rise in sales and further connect with app users. DashMart is DoorDash’s latest push after running a handful of small campaigns during the pandemic, mostly to raise awareness for struggling restaurants across the country. By now capitalizing on the rising demand for grocery delivery, which has seen a 125% search increase from consumers according to a Gartner report, DoorDash can swiftly implement DashMart as a core service. 

Adding a quick-shopping service to its mobile app allows DoorDash to increase convenience for customers. The brand’s new digital DashMart store could also inspire a new wave of grocery delivery functionality that focuses on stocking its own array of products and further boosting rapid delivery.