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Gucci Gives Back

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 28, 2020

To promote circularity in fashion, Gucci created its own shop within consignment brand The RealReal’s online marketplace where consumers can purchase vintage and newer products for a marked down price. 

In a bid to improve sustainability in the fashion industry, Gucci collaborated with The RealReal to create The RealReal x Gucci Shop. Through the partnership, Gucci can tap into the growing resale market and highlight the longevity of its products. This marks the first time Gucci has worked with The RealReal and follows the recent launch of its first sustainability collection, Gucci Off The Grid, which includes pieces made from upcycled and organic materials. Centering its new shop with The RealReal around sustainability could help Gucci differentiate its partnership from other collaborations, according to a Gartner report. The initiative could also help Gucci further its own environmental goals and set an example for fellow luxury labels looking to lower their carbon footprint and embrace a circular economy. 

To promote The RealReal x Gucci Shop, Gucci pledged to plant a tree for every brand item purchased through the resale company. To do so, the fashion house teamed up with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit that plants trees and combats climate change around the world. The charitable push could help Gucci connect with a growing audience of eco-conscious, luxury consumers while doubling down on its sustainability-focused image. Planting a tree in exchange for a purchase also creates an opportunity for Gucci to further engage young consumers and help them feel more connected to its mission. Fostering loyalty in this way could help Gucci boost interactions with consumers and drive sales to The RealReal. Additionally, Gucci could face an influx of consumer interest in its new partnership, as demand for its products on The RealReal has surged 19% this year, with the highest demand coming from 18-34 year old consumers. 

Fashion manufacturing and products account for a large share of environmental waste, but Gucci’s new partnership with The RealReal could shift the industry towards a more sustainable future. By tying in an eco-friendly effort, Gucci could inspire consumers to purchase more of its products secondhand and help lower the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.