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Have a Reese’s Cake and Eat It Too

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 04, 2020

Reese’s classic chocolate and peanut butter are getting a morning makeover. 

The new Reese’s Snack Cake serves up two soft chocolate cake bars topped with creamy peanut butter and a milk chocolate coating for a sweet “mid-morning treat”. The snack embraces eating chocolate any time of day and connects with the 83% of U.S. adults who concede to having eaten dessert before noon within the past month. Though Reese’s new sweet treat could serve as an ideal morning pick-me-up, consumers may have to snack on classic Reese’s cups for a while longer, as the Snack Cakes will not hit stores until December. Reese’s will sell the new snack packs for $1.99 at convenience stores across the U.S. 

Reese’s new Snack Cake could appeal to the millions of grocery shoppers who have indulged in more sweets and confectionery goods since the Coronavirus pandemic began. With both chocolate and candy sales increasing during the crisis, Reese’s new treat could tap into the growing demand. By advertising the Snack Cake on Instagram, where Reese’s continually generates record-setting post interactions and is overall one of the most successful confectionery brands according to a Gartner report, it could build up anticipation with its loyal following. For fans that cannot wait four months to try a new Reese’s product, they are in luck, as new Halloween treats are on the horizon. Reese’s new “Reese’s Franken-Cup”, which features a bright green chocolate coating will be available in October. The Halloween-exclusive candy is part of a series of new releases by parent company Hershey’s that will also include a new green-colored Kit Kat. 

Reese’s Snack Cake allows customers to indulge in dessert any time of day while helping Reese’s extend its reach outside of the candy aisle. The sweet treat could give snackers an alternative to eating candy in the morning while still providing the classic flavors and satisfaction of a Reese’s cup.