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Have You Insured Your Bird?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 19, 2020

Progressive teams up with Whole Foods to protect home cooks nervous about preparing a Thanksgiving feast. With its new “Turkey Protection Plan”, consumers can be prepared in the event their meal does not satisfy everyone’s hunger. 

The Turkey Protection Plans offers consumers a Whole Foods gift card worth $35 to be spent in case an undercooked, overcooked, or dried out turkey is served on Thanksgiving. The protection plan is the result of more first time cooks stepping up to the plate this season as the Coronavirus pandemic prevents large family gatherings and traditional celebrations. As Whole Foods and Progressive expect more “turkey cooking fails” than normal, the protection plan could help consumers still make the most of their feast. To be considered for an insurance plan, consumers have to purchase their Thanksgiving turkey from Whole Foods between November 11-22. If their cooking plan indeed goes astray, consumers can upload a photo of their flubbed feast, along with an explanation and purchase receipt to the campaign website. Progressive will reimburse up to 1,000 submissions beginning on Thanksgiving. 

To spread the word about its bird reimbursement deal, Progressive released a one minute ad featuring its spokesperson, Jamie. While Jamie walks viewers through the Turkey Protection Plan, he also describes comical, outlandish ways to cook a turkey, such as bedazzling it beforehand to serve as “Birdazzled”. The ad, which is running on YouTube, social media, and broadcast TV, follows the lighthearted, farcical theme Progressive’s ads are famous for. With many consumers stressed about the holidays merging with the pandemic, the new ad could resonate now more than ever as it provides a laugh to those in need. Additionally, Whole Foods launched banner ads for the insurance plan on Food Network and the Cooking Channel to help reach at-home chefs gearing up for the holiday. To help consumers avoid feeling overwhelmed, the grocer also put together a list of cooking tips and ingredients, which consumers can peruse and purchase on its website to increase the ease of meal planning, according to a Gartner report. By carving out a campaign to help consumers cook with confidence, Whole Foods could drive more users to its site and store, and set the stage for a surge of post-holiday sales. 

With the Turkey Protection Plan, Progressive and Whole Foods could stay top of mind with novice chefs during and long after Thanksgiving. The brand’s comical campaign puts an amusing spin on what could be a stressful holiday season, which in turn could boost consumer loyalty and engagement.