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Have Your Coffee and Eat It Too

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 30, 2020

Dunkin’ is launching its own cereal line modeled after two of its most popular iced coffee drinks. The new products will have all the crunch of cereal—and all the caffeine of coffee. 

The restaurant brand is launching a caramel macchiato cereal and a mocha latte cereal, each designed to taste like the sweet coffee drinks they are named after. Unlike other cereals modeled after previously existing products, such as Hershey’s Kiss cereal, Dunkin’s new breakfast concoction will do more than just taste like its inspiration—it will include its caffeinated benefits as well. A bowl of Dunkin’ cereal will have about 10% the amount of caffeine in a typical cup of coffee, which could be just enough for coffee lovers and the perfect amount for those not as keen on caffeine. The caramel macchiato cereal includes crunchy cereal pieces with caramel-flavored marshmallows, while the mocha latte edition includes cereal with chocolate and latte-flavored marshmallows. Dunkin’ is releasing the cereals in August in grocery stores across the country. 

Dunkin’ is releasing its cereal during the Coronavirus pandemic, when many consumers have stopped frequenting restaurants and coffee shops in a bid to social distance and stay safe. While customers may not be able to grab a drink from their local Dunkin’, they can still enjoy the brand’s signature flavors by eating its cereal at home. While 65% of American adults drink a cup of coffee each day, 90% of American households consume cereal, allowing Dunkin’s new initiative to tap into two of the most popular food and beverages in the United States. By creating a coffee-cereal combo, Dunkin’ can connect with loyal cereal eaters and coffee drinkers in a new way. Dunkin’ is promoting its new cereals online as well as in grocery stores, which could help it build buzz online and drive food sales outside its core line of restaurants, according to a Gartner report on the topic.  

Dunkin’ is making sure fans can have their coffee and eat it too. By expanding its breakfast offerings into the cereal category, Dunkin’ could appeal to a new crowd of cult breakfast lovers  and perk up its presence in the grocery industry.