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HBO Max’s Star Serving

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 20, 2020

With the launch of HBO Max in July came a feast of original programming, including the new show Selena + Chef, starring actress Selena Gomez. The cooking show is now teaming up with Pinterest to give users exclusive access to recipes. 

Pinterest is rolling out its new “story pins” format for the partnership, which allows HBO Max to post multiple videos and images as one pin on the platform. Using the story pins, users can watch videos from Selena + Chef that display how to whip up dishes and meals featured on the show. For the launch, HBO Max featured Selena Gomez’s “cheesy tortilla chip casserole” recipe and video, as well as an exclusive video of the actress cooking with her grandmother, both of which can be found on Pinterest’s Today tab. 

HBO Max’s new cooking content marks Pinterest’s second chef-themed campaign, having served up its “Chefs At Home” show last month. The new partnership caters to the surge of recipe searches and cooking videos on Pinterest from at-home consumers looking to indulge in a new skill during the Coronavirus pandemic. Using Pinterest, HBO Max can also utilize Selena Gomez’s star power to expand her online influence outside of her core social accounts, potentially bringing a new wave of young consumers to the platform according to a Gartner report. Leveraging new digital media features also allows HBO Max to spice up promotions for its newly released service and show while growing a following on Pinterest that panders to the program’s content. The video-centric partnership could also help HBO Max stand out in the increasingly stuffed streaming market, particularly as at-home streaming sizzles to record levels. 

HBO Max is cooking up a new campaign that lets it connect with entertainment-hungry consumers online. By spotlighting Selena Gomez and Pinterest’s new features, the network could bring a younger following to the platform and inspire viewers to keep honing their cooking skills during the Coronavirus pandemic.