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Helping Customers Help Themselves

By: Karen Lee | Mar 04, 2019

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single customer in possession of brand-related questions, must be in want of help. Well-positioned and organized FAQs can pre-empt many of those consumer questions.

Most brands excel in giving their FAQs prime real estate, with over 85% placing them in their primary or secondary navigation. Furthermore, 88% of brands’ FAQ pages are organized by topic, facilitating the browsing experience of curious consumers. However, Gartner L2’s inaugural Customer Service report finds that just 26% of analyzed brands take the extra step to make their FAQs searchable. While over half of analyzed big box brands have searchable FAQs, no fashion and hotel brands do.

Customer service

Though FAQs seem like a straightforward feature, there are multiple ways to adopt them. Michael Kors lays out the entire FAQ on one page, making it difficult for users to find relevant information. Meanwhile, Nike elevates its customer experience by listing questions by topic above the fold, making it easy for users to scan the information. If users can’t find the relevant question, they can use the search bar.

To save time for both your customer representatives and customers, it’s important to identify common questions, provide clear answers, and display them in easily accessible places on your website.