Daily Insights

Hiding the Ball

By: Kyle Rees | Sep 16, 2019

A brand site’s primary navigation isn’t the only place where brands should look to improve.

Product display pages (PDP’s) vary widely across brands tracked in Gartner L2’s report on the topic, and there is a large gap between those who do them well and those who provide the bare bones of merchandising. While 99% of analyzed brand sites include Product Overviews on PDP’s, buyer-enabling tools that help customers use the Find a Distributor or Supplier features are only available on one-third of PDP’s.

Content that helps customers find answers to common questions—often taking the form of Product FAQ’s—were only observed on 9% of product pages. Critical calls to action to Request a Quote or How to Buy had a relatively high adoption rate of 67%, but they should be present on all PDPs as prompts for buyers to take the next step to purchase.

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