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Hilton’s Hotels for Heroes

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 11, 2020

Hilton and American Express are joining together to offer one million free hotel rooms to Coronavirus first responders. 

First responders and other healthcare workers are isolating themselves from their families during the Coronavirus outbreak. In response, Hilton announced it would donate up to one million hotel rooms to doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in need by partnering with American Express to “foot the bill”. Hilton, ranked first in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Luxury Hotels, is using its strong social media presence to get the word out about the free rooms. For example, the company is promoting “one million thank yous” on its social media pages, encouraging healthcare heroes to reach out for a room. Medical professionals in need of a room can contact any of the ten medical organizations partnered with Hilton to allocate the rooms. 

In the United States, hotel occupancy during March was at an unprecedented low of 22.6%. While the Coronavirus pandemic has hit the hotel and travel industries indisputably hard, Hilton is determined to make use of its empty rooms with acts of kindness. Staff at participating hotels are receiving additional training on health and safety measures and the hotels will be cleaned with industrial-grade cleaners in accordance with Hilton’s updated cleaning protocols. The brand is also donating excess food at its hotels to local food pantries, in addition to working with its Hilton Effect Foundation to support charities across the country and allowing Hilton Honors Members to donate their points to Hilton-supported charities. 

Those working on the front lines of the pandemic can now have a place to safely rest without fear of infecting their families. Hilton and American Express’s continuing hospitality is a gracious offer that healthcare professionals and their families may remember once travel becomes safe again.