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Holiday Shopping Taco-Ver

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 11, 2019

The Taco Bell Taco Shop is full of holiday-ready gifts made just for your taco-loving friends. 

Taco Bell has released a host of restaurant-themed goods including hot sauce onesies, ornaments, and a six-foot inflatable hot sauce packet. The holiday collection includes a variety of stocking-stuffers, tree decor, and clothing items—all of which fans can get their hands on while supplies last. Many of the products have already become hits on Instagram, where Taco Bell has been heavily promoting them in anticipation of the holiday shopping season. The timely release has created great online fan buzz—one of the company’s main goals, according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic. 

Taco Bell is one of many cult-favorite fast-food restaurants that has shifted gears and released themed merchandise this year. Dunkin’ electric guitars and KFC gravy-scented candles are just two of the sold-out fast food products to hit the market in 2019. Selling merchandise through online shops has become the new way restaurants are expanding into lifestyle brands. Loyal customers have embraced the trends, with many fans interacting with the brands on social media to share their excitement over the product launches. 

Many restaurants and food brands are beginning to reach consumers through brand-based products—and the holiday season has become the best time to do so. Many of the products are even selling out, proving to brands and other companies looking to emulate the success that there is a large market of fast food fans wishing to rock sweatpants with their favorite food logos on them—all brands have to do is sell them.