Daily Insights

Holiday Spirits

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 27, 2019

Stella Artois is encouraging neighbors to come together in the name of beer. 

This holiday season, the beer brand created a social experiment with filmmaker Tatia Pilieva to record neighbors meeting for the first time in the docu-film “Stella Neighbors.” These real-world interactions feature neighbors coming together on a couch to share a pair of Stellas—the bottles decked out in a knit sweater carrier a la Mister Rogers. The brand wants to extend the experiment to fans across the United States as a part of its “Moments Worth Making” holiday campaign. Part of the extension will include fans getting the chance to snag the Stella Together Holiday Sweater Packs—500 of which will be available on the company website. 

The activation extends to social media, where the brand is giving away the sweater packs to fans who upload pictures with their newly-met neighbors using the hashtags #StellaNeighbors and #Contest. Fans can upload their pictures on Instagram and Twitter—two platforms with some of the highest brand interactions, according to a Gartner L2 report—to try and win a month’s supply of holiday Stella. 

Stella Artois hopes its new campaign can show that an act as simple as sharing a beer with a stranger could improve society. The company’s bid to connect neighbors is part of a larger trend emerging among consumer brands hoping to emphasize unity during the holidays. Fans wanting to see this campaign in action can watch the brand’s campaign advertisement on YouTube. 

Stella Artois hopes its new campaign encourages people to get to know one another this holiday season. Companies promoting socially-conscious ads in the future may look to Stella Artois for the right notes on bringing neighbors together.