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Home Depot’s Home Learning

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 09, 2020

A trip to Home Depot could get a lot more educational as it rolls out field trips for kids. Through its Virtual Field Trips initiative, Home Depot will walk young students through its production process, giving an inside look at how products come to life and eventually make it to store shelves. 

Home Depot’s Virtual Field Trips could prove the ultimate pandemic alternative to traditional school outings, particularly as many schools continue online learning and social distancing. By giving students a glimpse at all the different parts played in bringing products to store, Home Depot could captivate children and families, and potentially increase their time spent shopping with the retailer, both in-store and online. Home Depot has seen a sales surge from DIY projects this year according to a Gartner report on the topic, so it makes sense that it also included DIY activities at the end of each field trip lesson, as this could encourage students or their parents to purchase supplies needed from the retailer. Launching an educational initiative like Virtual Field Trips could bring a sense of normalcy back to children’s school routines as well as nostalgia for parents who may have fond memories of field trips. Overall, the push could prove a productive way to engage consumers of all ages and keep Home Depot digitally relevant. 

Field trips at Home Depot are not a new concept. In fact the retailer has been offering the initiative for 20 years. However, online field trips are an original push resulting from school and store closures during the Coronavirus pandemic. By adapting to current consumer circumstances, Home Depot’s field trips could resonate with viewers and provide a pleasant home experience, which could in turn boost loyalty to the brand. Home Depot’s Virtual Field Trips follow a larger trend that sees brands targeting initiatives at children via educational opportunities. Whole Foods and Rice Krispies also launched learning and wellness themed campaigns for children at the onset of the back to school season. By engaging school kids through virtual events and videos, brands could also connect with their parents and grow e-commerce sales. Additionally, bringing children along on virtual field trips could help Home Depot build up engagement with a new generation of shoppers, who in turn could stay loyal to the brand for years to come. 

Home Depot’s Virtual Field Trips provide a prime outlet for consumer engagement with both kids and parents. By shifting its initiative to a fully digital experience, Home Depot could stay relevant with changing consumer preferences and continue to grow its online presence.