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How Aerie Embraces Every Customer

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 30, 2020

Aerie, the American-Eagle owned lingerie brand, is getting real. 

As part of a continuing initiative to highlight body-positivity, Aerie has introduced eight new brand ambassadors and a contest. The #AerieReal campaign has been going on for six years and famously featured diverse models and no retouching. The newest addition to the #AerieReal campaign includes a social media contest that awards $20,000 grants to twenty women making positive changes in their local communities. To enter, participants must submit an area they wish to impact with the grant money, such as homelessness or environmentalism. As such, the eight new faces for the promotion are all female activists involved in sports, writing, film, music, science, and entertainment—representing a swatch of interests. Aerie has traditionally welcomed famous female activists through its digital series Real Talk, which it runs on Instagram—a tactic that helps the brand diverge from a traditional retail pattern while still catering to a variety of customers, according to a Gartner report. Aerie’s newest brand ambassadors are recognizable and include actresses Lana Condor, Ali Stroker and Beanie Feldstein. 

Aerie has made body positivity a core component of the brand. The label originally pledged to stop retouching images in 2014—becoming one of the first large brands to make that assurance. In the six years since, Aerie has doubled down on its brand foundations of self-love, authenticity, and body positivity. 

Aerie continues to use its platform to reach all types of consumers. The brand’s body-positive marketing shows a strengthened commitment to its customers that may be worthy of replication.