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How Are Personal Care Brands Using Instagram Stories During COVID-19?

By: Karan Saxena | Apr 14, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every brand across every industry. As such, brands of all backgrounds are not only trying to post brand-specific content but are also taking every possible measure to engage with customers and guide them to stay safe. Here’s how some industry players have been paving their own paths during this unprecedented time.  


Pampers, rated Genius in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care, leaned heavily on user-generated content to develop more content on its Instagram Stories. For example, the baby products brand asked its community how they are taking care of themselves and others through the Interactive Questions & Answers tool. Moreover, it shared user responses on its story to make sure all viewers could benefit. 


Mustela, which develops skincare products for babies, came in at Gifted in Gartner’s index.  In response to the pandemic, the brand is making the most of the situation by using it as an opportunity to guide its Instagram and product users on preventive ways to avoid sickness in its campaign 5 ways to prevent yourself from getting sick”. The campaign was featured on the Mustela USA Instagram page Story.

The brand also showcased the particular products that can be used to follow these steps to stay healthy. In this way, Mustela was able to help both customers and sales while keeping in tune with the current safety-first situation. 


Native, a brand well known for its clean care products, clocked in at Average but is adjusting well to the pandemic. The brand has demonstrated an understanding of the new circumstances where everyone is at home and as such, introduced a “Stay at Home Survey” wherein users can answer specific questions like What are they listening to” or What are they looking for” through Instagram’s voting feature. While answering questions, users can also see what everyone else prefers doing during this unusual time. This, in turn, could help Native understand its community’s preferences through a new lens. 


Though Flamingo, which designs shaving products for women, came in at Challenged in Gartner’s ranking, the brand is doing all it can to ensure it remains connected with its community.  Specifically, the brand posted a survey asking questions about the kind of content followers want from them and what concerns followers have that the Native team can help out with. For instance, users asked varied questions about “tips on stress management”. To accommodate this ask, Native hosted a stress management, breathing and yoga session for its community through its partner Zoe LePage, Co-Founder of Inhale to Exhale.


Finally, though Puracy was rated a Feeble brand in Gartner’s ranking, the brand is making the best of the new circumstances as well.  Sensing the pandemic and its impact on the world, Puracy helped its Instagram followers understand the importance of social distancing and offered suggestions on what to do and what not to do in a 3-step approach: Safe to Do, Use Caution, and Avoid.

The campaign helped users understand the importance of social distancing and how they can be safe from this pandemic in a personal, direct way.

Even in such hard times, brands of all backgrounds are trying their best to ensure they engage with users and remain in their minds and hearts in a healthy, helpful way that all can takes notes from.