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How Brands Win App Sign-Ups

By: Evan Bakker | May 15, 2019

To maximize app effectiveness, brands’ app features must feed into overarching objectives like customer acquisition, retention, conversion, and loyalty. Customer acquisition and account sign-up comprise the crucial first step. Customers are unlikely to retain a brand’s app if they never create an account.

To expedite this process and win incremental sign-ups, best-in-class brands invest in features like biometric and federated logins, which let social accounts be used as stand-ins. The latter approach finds a 6% higher app rating compared to apps without the feature, as well as boasting 52% higher active users in August 2018 and a 3% higher retention rate at day 30, according to Gartner L2’s Mobile report. Activewear and restaurant apps most frequently feature federated login at 44% and 42%, respectively. Overall, brands only integrate it 22% of the time. On average, brands with federated login offer two platforms, which increases the likelihood that a customer has a relevant account.

Activewear brand Under Armour supports both biometric and federated login and goes the extra mile by enticing new users with engaging content. Upon opening the app, users are greeted with an autoplay video of Under Armour’s most prominent athletes with captions previewing the app’s benefits. From there, users can select their preferred gender for product browsing, the sports they’re interested in and the athletes they’d like to follow. This helps curate the experience, while maintaining engagement all the way through sign-up.

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