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How to Appeal to the Footwear Fandom

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 30, 2020

Foot Locker uses Google Slides to create original, digital experiences for footwear consumers. With an emphasis on entertainment and fashion, Foot Locker’s new platform showcases its shoes and how they fit in today’s pop culture.

The Endless World Of Air Max is Foot Locker’s new digital sneaker center dedicated to the Nike Air Max. The virtual experience includes links to buy sneakers from Foot Locker as well as games, live streams, and original artwork. Viewers can partake in activities like virtual art sessions and Air Max trivia led by sneakerhead “influencers”, which could drive viewers to the site. The experience will continually evolve to include new sneakers, artwork, and pop culture references, potentially inviting viewers to a unique experience each time they log on. The digital push provides an alternate online marketplace for Foot Locker, which could help it stand out as the sneakerhead society continues to grow.  

The Endless World of Air Max allows Foot Locker to boost its presence in the footwear industry while associating itself with some of the most popular sneakers on the market. By linking many of the shoes shown to the Foot Locker website, the brand can create an all-in-one interactive shopping experience and increase digital sales. The experience could appeal to both devoted sneakerheads and younger consumers seeking online entertainment, which could allow Foot Locker to engage a wider audience and improve brand recall according to a Gartner report. With its brick and mortar stores facing lost foot traffic and sales due to the pandemic, Foot Locker could now regain lapsed customer interactions through its Google Slides experience. Additionally, as digital platforms become the de facto destination for footwear purchases, Foot Locker could also set itself apart from competitors to capture attention and sales. 

Not only does The Endless World of Air Max keep Foot Locker up to date on current trends, it also allows the brand to connect with a digitally-dominant consumer base, which could keep it relevant with young consumers and help grow its online presence.