Daily Insights

How to Cook That?

By: Susruthi Vasudevan | Sep 17, 2019

In 2017, “how to cook that” became one of the top ten most-searched phrases on YouTube, and Google search volume for “best recipe” keywords grew by 12% year over year. However, editorial brands like Kitchn and AllRecipes dominate the competitive environment on Instagram, while the majority of brands tracked in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Food US have yet to crack the recipe content code on Instagram.

Even recipe-centric brands like Betty Crocker and Pillsbury fall second to these top recipe sites, with Kitchn boasting an average of 5,874 interactions per post, which is higher than AllRecipes and over twice that of Betty Crocker. Kitchn and AllRecipes pull ahead with high post frequencies averaging 18.4 and 14.5 posts per week, respectively, compared to the Index average of 1.8 posts per week. Additionally, Kitchn deploys a diversified Instagram content strategy that focuses on growing community size through custom hashtags, tagging and user-generated content (UGC). It also engages with step-by-step recipe tutorials. Of its top fifty posts by interactions, 90% were tagged, and its custom #kitchn hashtag—highlighted in posts and the brand bio—has amassed over 159,000 posts. Recipe editorial brands are primarily focused on building, curating and promoting recipe content.

Index brands investing in recipe content on social media platforms may not be able to match their scale but should adopt their best practices such as leveraging UGC, posting frequently and promoting custom hashtags, to improve competitiveness in the field.