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How to Engage Consumers in Uncertain Times

By: Alexandra Bellis | Oct 31, 2019

Marketing leaders are facing uncertain times ahead. Despite CMO optimism, marketing budgets declined to their lowest level since 2014to just 10.5% of company revenue. At the same time, teetering economic conditions, increasing disruption from competitors and changing consumer expectations are putting pressure on marketing’s ability to drive growth.

In an effort to overcome this challenging environment, many B2C marketing leaders are focusing on deepening engagement with existing customers. However, the vast majority, nearly 90% of existing customers, report engaging with brand-related content at most “sometimes” and on average they interact only through emails about products or offers. 

To identify practical solutions for this problem, the Gartner for Marketers team is studying how our B2C clients approach increasing multichannel engagement with existing customers. From customer engagement initiatives to obstacles that hinder engagement and measures used to determine success, find out what the best marketers are doing by participating in a 10-15 minute survey. All responses will remain confidential. 

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