Daily Insights

How to Expand Search Opportunities

By: Nafia Islam | Sep 26, 2019

Competition is heating up among retailers as they expand into new markets and ramp up search investments to appear in front of consumers. These retailers utilize Google search as a key discovery and conversion channel, and focus on a variety of keyword categories such as educational, recipe and nutritional keywords. However, Gartner L2 analysis found that retailers particularly focus on consumers looking for local liquor stores or delivery through “near me” terms.

Drizly stands out with robust visibility across these categories, especially on local terms like “liquor delivery near me” to divert lower funnel users with high purchase intent to its site. This has helped Drizly increase site traffic 48% over the last year, half of which comes from search. Analysis from Gartner L2’s report on the topic reveals that spirits brands lag behind online retailers in paid search visibility. Leader brands partner directly with online retailers to piggyback off of search strengths and effectively generate visibility through this platform, particularly on shopping ads. As Google prioritizes shopping ads and consumers increasingly prefer this ad format, brands must maximize visibility.

In 2018, shopping ads generated 85% of all clicks on Google Shopping campaign ads while text ads compromised the remainder. When evaluating which partnerships are worthwhile on paid search, brands should consider retailers with the best product category visibility. For instance, Caskers owned the most shopping ads on branded whiskey terms in April and May this year, contributing to its 132% year-over-year growth in site traffic. Leaders like Johnnie Walker pave the way by utilizing retailer partnerships to both capture lower-funnel consumers and defend brand equity, and others should follow suit. Johnnie Walker leverages its partnership with ReserveBar to defend core branded terms and appeared in three times more shopping ads than the average Index brand in April 2019. Its limited edition White Walker Whisky ended up as the second most visited page on ReserveBar, only after the homepage.