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How to Refresh Your Marketing Strategy

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 10, 2020

Consumers may have found themselves dreaming of island vacations and idyllic summers outside as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to keep everyone indoors. Stella Artois, with help from TripAdvisor, is now tapping into those summer daydreams with a new, whimsical campaign. 

The beer brand unveiled its “You’re Never Too Far From The Life Artois” campaign, which aims to connect with consumers seeking vacation inspiration during the ongoing pandemic. The campaign includes a short film and a sweepstakes, which Stella Artois could leverage to engage homebound viewers across the globe, according to a Gartner report on the topic. The brand created a 3-minute music video starring celebrities including Eva Longoria and Blake Griffin, who are met by the “daydream” versions of themselves dancing across rooftops and city streets as they make the most of their current situations. The mood-boosting advertisement—set to a remake of the 1966 song “Daydream”—ends by encouraging viewers to “live your daydream”. Stella Artois is running its fanciful advertisement on digital and social media with the hashtag #daydreaming. Fans are encouraged to share their quarantine imaginations using the campaign hashtag. 

Stella Artois’ campaign invites viewers to look on the bright side of lockdowns and social distancing by chilling out, enjoying a beer, and dreaming of future vacations. However, the second part of the campaign actually invites fans to plan a vacation—but to ensure safety during the pandemic—make it a “staycation”. The “Stella Staycation Swap” gives fans the opportunity to share their story of a canceled dream vacation for the chance to win an all-expenses-paid “staycation” in their home city. Winners of the sweepstakes can enjoy free hotel or resort accommodations, a chance to explore their city’s “hidden gems”, and indulge in food from restaurants they have never tried before. The sweepstakes revolves around travelers enjoying experiences they did not know existed or had never before experienced, in their own city. TripAdvisor and Stella Artois’ promotion follows a growing trend amongst Americans who are favoring staycations over long-distance travel during the pandemic. 

Daydreaming could help people across the country escape from the stressful realities this year has brought. By inspiring viewers to envision their ideal summers, Stella Artois could prove alluring to the senses of consumers seeking both a refreshing escape and a refreshing drink —and even stay top of mind for seasons to come as fans look to return to their pleasant daydreams.