Daily Insights

How to Un-Divide and Conquer

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 11, 2019

After experimenting with a multitude of mobile apps, Target is cleaning house. The company is consolidating all its apps, which include shopping, a loyalty program, and payments, into one singular app. Here’s how the company may have come to the decision to un-divide and conquer.

In the past, Target has demonstrated a determination to stay on top of the digital game. The brand touted several neatly labeled apps, all organized into different categories ranging from a pharmacy app to a discounts app. For one of its apps, the Target Registry app, Target even tapped into top visual and organization platform Pinterest to take things to the next level. Just like on the main Pinterest app, Target Registry customers can take pictures of items to have them identified by Pinterest so they can add the items to their registry. As such, it reported impressive digital growth plus positive comps driven by sales at physical locations, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box.

So why combine so many impressive apps into one? It’s not that the apps were unsuccessful. In fact, Cartwheel, the company’s discount app, was at one point even more successful that the main app, appearing in the “Top 10” most popular shopping app lists (the main app was in the “Top 20”) and was reportedly downloaded 40 million times. Not long after this accomplishment, Target actually integrated cartwheel into Mobile Wallet to aid shoppers during the check-out process, allowing Target to own transaction data of its own.

Similarly, though not every remaining app is currently a hit, Target might have realized that quality rules over quantity and having all its precious resources under one platform could not only be beneficial for customers but for itself—less clicks for customers and more consolidated data for Target. For brands looking to solidify loyalty and get a better grasp of their customers, compacting apps might turn out to prove that less really is more.