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Howl-ween Treats

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 02, 2020

Milk-Bone helps the entire family get in the Halloween spirit with Coronavirus-friendly “costumes”.

The dog biscuit brand’s new Halloween line could appeal to dogs and owners who do not want to commit to an entire costume, but still want to show some spirit. Milk-Bone launched a limited-edition collection of matching face masks and dog bandanas for consumers to wear with their furry friends. There are three sets to choose from, including a mouse and cheese collection, pumpkin and candy pair, and a skull and crossbones set. Consumers can find the mask-bandana collections online or in-store and receive a Milk-Bone sample pack with each purchase. The Halloween “costumes” allows consumers and their pets to still celebrate the holiday but—like many things in 2020—take a simplified, safe approach to it. With masks necessary for most public outings during the pandemic, dressing up to fit the season could help consumers still have some fun while bonding with their canines. 

As dog adoption rates soared during the pandemic and consumers spent more time than ever at home with their pets, it’s unsurprising they would want to celebrate Halloween with them too. Though the pandemic has left many Halloween traditions and celebrations in the dark this year, Milk-Bone’s “easy” costumes give consumers another chance to make the most of the holiday, which could keep the brand top of mind with pet parents around the country. Increasing its online presence, including by selling its masks on Amazon, could also help Milk-Bone reach a wider audience and potentially boost its e-commerce sales, according to a Gartner report. With consumers favoring brands that advertise or sell face masks, Milk-Bone’s Halloween-themed gear could garner a loyal following. Milk-Bone is the latest non-traditional retailer to enter the mask market, following recent face mask promotions by Insomnia Cookies and Puma

Milk-Bone’s Halloween costume line helps humans and dogs dress up for an atypical holiday celebration. By designing specialty face masks, Milk-Bone could boost its image as a socially aware brand that appeals to both consumers and pets.