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Hungry for a Unique Hotel Stay?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 15, 2020

Hotels.com is taking a carb-filled approach to its latest hotel experience—this one set in Manhattan’s Refinery Hotel. Hotels.com’s Bread & Breakfast lasts until the end of January and offers guests a chance to stay in a bread wonderland for $225 a night. According to a Gartner report on the topic, hotel guests’ expectations are moving towards experience-based stays—and Hotels.com’s Bread & Breakfast is offering a very unique experience. The hotel room is plush with on-theme decor like baguette light fixtures, pretzel-adorned curtains, croissant pillows, and a toast-shaped headboard. The bathroom has been transformed, too, and includes a bread-themed shower door, a loaf shaped loofah, and bread and butter shaped soaps. As far as real food is concerned, guests will find a gallery wall of fresh bagels, donuts and pastries, as well as a cereal bar and a selection of cream cheeses and jams. The company describes the hotel room as a “retreat from keto commitments,” where guests can order room service from an all-carb menu while wearing a complimentary “Carbivore” embroidered robe with matching baguette slippers. 

Reservations to book the experience begin on January 17th—also known as “National Ditch Your Resolution Day”–and can only be made on the company’s website. The company planned this experience with the day in mind, even encouraging fans to “ditch those New Year’s Resolutions and book a carbo-loaded getaway” on it’s Bread & Breakfast homepage

Hotels.com’s Bread & Breakfast is a bread-lovers paradise, but could also leave other brands hungry to develop unique travel experiences of their own.