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Hungry for Hinge?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 02, 2020

Chipotle teams up with UberEats and dating app Hinge to craft a “Cuffing Season Menu” designed for single consumers looking for a relationship during the colder months of the year. The term “cuffing season” is frequently used by younger consumers, who Chipotle aims to appeal to with its new customized meals. 

As part of its push with Hinge, Chipotle created three kinds of meals that could match a person’s dating habits. Those that order a meal from the Chipotle Cuffing Season Menu can sync their order to their Hinge profile and find potential matches with similar orders. Ten customers who order from the menu will be chosen at random to hear dating advice from comedian and actress Rebel Wilson as part of the multi-brand campaign sweepstakes. Additionally, any Hinge user who orders from the limited-time menu via UberEats can receive $20 off their next three orders. 

The cuffing season campaign provides a unique opportunity for three popular brands to further target younger consumers, particularly as they all appeal to a similar demographic according to a Gartner report. Each brand could benefit from the partnership, be it through increased orders for Chipotle or a rise in app downloads for Hinge and UberEats. Teaming up with a well-known actress could further drive awareness for the campaign and boost Hinge’s demand during cuffing season. UberEats, Hinge, and Chipotle have all seen a surge in popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic, as more consumers ordered restaurant delivery and relied on their smartphones to build connections while homebound. As the impending cold weather could keep consumers indoors into the new year, the joint campaign could help the brands stay top of mind and potentially sustain their usage rates. 

The cuffing campaign is the latest move from Chipotle, which has stayed busy this year by releasing its own clothing line and encouraging consumers to vote in the 2020 election. UberEats also served up support during the election by bringing voters free food as well as offering free meals to first responders and firefighters earlier this year. As for Hinge, this campaign marks one of its largest promotionals outside of its app, which could help it reach a new audience and align itself with brands popular amongst young consumers. 

By working together on their own apps—rather than through social media—UberEats, Hinge, and Chipotle could build reliance on their platforms. The campaign also allows each brand to drive usage in a tangible way that could help set the stage for future collaborations, even after the pandemic and cold weather wane. 

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