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Hyundai’s Cross-Country Campaign

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 08, 2020

Travel during the Coronavirus pandemic has been limited, though road trips have been on the rise. As Americans contemplate travel via car, Hyundai’s new miniseries could persuade viewers to embark on a cross-country journey. 

Hyundai created a new four-part series, dubbed “The Un-Adventurers”, as part of a partnership with video network Tastemade. Using Tastemade’s digital streaming platform reflects the auto industry’s shift from cable TV to digital channel marketing, as noted in a Gartner report on the topic. The show revolves around road trips—but more specifically, taking people who have never left their home state on an out-of-state road trip. In America, 35 million people have never left the state in which they were born, but Hyundai’s new series looks to change that by encouraging viewers to drive to a new place. Each episode of the miniseries sees strangers who have never left their state before coming together to take a trip in a Hyundai SUV. Series participants were nominated by family and friends and share the meaningfulness of the opportunity during their episode. 

The timing of the “The Un-Adventurers” is purely coincidental, as Hyundai filmed the campaign prior to the Coronavirus outbreak. However, with the pandemic restricting long-distance travel, the series could now resonate more with consumers itching to explore the United States. The majority of American travelers feel safer going somewhere by car than plane during the pandemic, which could increase Hyundai’s appeal as consumers look to drive somewhere new. The brand highlights its SUV lineup in the ads, touting its benefits for long driving in particular. Though the pandemic has slowed auto sales, Hyundai’s potential to reach 13-14 million viewers per episode could potentially boost its sales and allow it to stay top of mind with its audience. 

Hyundai’s aspirational new series shares stories of road trips and encourages viewers to take one of their own. While many brands have advised consumers to stay home during the pandemic, Hyundai is deviating from that message to support viewers in taking the time to explore the United States, but to still do so safely.