Daily Insights

In Lockdown With Man’s Best Friend

By: Mackenzie Baker | May 04, 2020

Dogs are still good, even if the world is looking pretty bad. 

This sentiment rings true in online pet retailer Chewy’s latest campaign. The new 60-second commercial, called “Pets Bring Us Together”, sees owners sharing the joys of caring for an animal while on a video call together. The ad, which is running on digital and social media, features nine different pet owners with their dogs and cats, discussing pet parenting in quarantine. Plot-driven video commercials like this tend to perform well on social media, according to a Gartner report, engaging audiences most on Facebook and YouTube. Chewy’s optimistic and heart-warming ad is a reminder of a bright spot during the pandemic—there have been record animal adoptions. 

The increase in pet ownership has positively impacted online brands like Chewy, with a rise in sales and search support. As a digital retailer, Chewy has also benefited as online dog food sales increased by 88% in March, compared to the same time last year. Just as grocery delivery accelerated in lockdown, so too has pet item delivery as owners stay home. To accommodate the rise in engagement, Chewy created a landing page dedicated to answering new owner questions. Called Healthy At Home, the web page contains everything pet related, including food questions, entertainment ideas, and support articles from veterinarians. Chewy also added information to help pet owners recognize signs of stress in animals because just as humans are anxious over the pandemic, pets are too. Since the pandemic began, Chewy has donated more than $5 million in pet food, healthcare supplies, and products to animal shelters, rescue organizations, and pet owners facing hardship. 

Chewy is focusing on a happier headline and reminding viewers of the joy of being home with a pet. While the end of the pandemic remains uncertain, Chewy’s campaign could motivate viewers to adopt a furry friend while in lockdown and long after.