Daily Insights

Inspire Your Customers (To Buy Your Products)

By: Claire Tassin | Nov 07, 2019

Have you ever wondered why the websites for decor brands like Restoration Hardware or Benjamin Moore feature photography of entire living spaces and not just of individual products? These brands understand when it comes to customer journeys, people don’t hone in on specific products until late in the process. Marketers that focus content creation on ideas and context help customers that are early in their journey put shape to an unspecified need; only then is the customer ready for products.

In fact, 37% of consumers visit brand websites looking for inspiration, not for a specific product. Few brands provide inspirational fodder, however. Only 38% of brand websites have informational content anywhere other than product pages. By default their content strategies end up privileging consumers that have already decided what to buy.

That’s a lost opportunity. Catering to only some website visitors prevents you from fully capitalizing on social media and search campaigns that steer customers to you. It also prevents many of those customers from seeing how you could help them.

Instead, brands should continue to provide high-quality product content for customers who know what product they need, and evolve their content creation for customers that haven’t yet decided what they want or what form it will take. To ensure that content is useful, start by imagining the broader contexts in which customers use your products and develop content that contextualizes your offering for them.