Daily Insights

Instagram’s AR-Tinted Glasses

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 06, 2020

French sunglasses brand Bollé is partnering with Instagram for a new augmented reality experience that lets users virtually try-on the brand’s newest pair of sunglasses. When activated, the Phantom model of sunglasses will appear, with versions designed for both the front-facing and rear-facing camera. The selfie view shows a user what the sunglasses will look like on their own face, while reversing the camera displays what the world looks like while wearing the Phantom sunglasses. The sunglass filter can be changed to different views, including high-contrast, anti-fog, and photochromatic. 

To try on the Bollé Phantom sunglasses, Instagram users have to activate the filter themselves. By activating a link attached to the brand’s Instagram page or mobilizing a QR code attached to Bollé’s marketing products, users can open up the AR filter on their Instagram camera. From the filter, users can then find nearby retailers that sell the new Bollé sunglasses. Using the immersive experience, potential customers could get a more complete product demonstration before completing an in-store purchase. 

Partnering with Instagram—where more than half of users are Gen-Z and Millennials—Bollé could reach younger, more e-commerce inclined shoppers. Gen-Z in particular spends the most time on social media, priming them for hyper-targeting by brands according to a Gartner report on the topic. By utilizing Instagram’s shopping features, Bollé could further drive e-commerce, grow its presence on the app, and connect with Gen-Z shoppers. Bollé is one of the latest fashion brands to utilize AR filters for retail showcasing. Other brands, including Burberry and Kendra Scott, have also leaned into augmented reality to boost customer’s virtual shopping experiences. Furthermore, the Coronavirus pandemic has led many brands—retail and not—to adopt AR lenses to boost e-commerce sales and make up for shuttered stores and showrooms. 

Bollé is connecting with the fashion-loving, tech-savvy Instagram users through its new AR filter. By linking its lens to a search link for nearby retailers, the brand could also help other retailers make contactless sales while still boosting its own social media presence.