Daily Insights

Instagram’s Celebration of Kindness

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 28, 2020

Many countries around the world remain under lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic, making it difficult for communities to physically connect during the holiday. Instagram is stepping in to spread messages of positivity and togetherness during the celebration with a new initiative. Using the hashtag #MonthOfGood, Instagram is asking users around the world to share positive posts on their stories—500 million stories are viewed each day on the platform, making it one of the most popular features, according to a Gartner report—and posts can range from positive affirmations to helpful donations to local restaurants. 

In 2019, the word “Ramadan” was used 16 million times on Instagram. This widespread usage inspired the platform to launch its community campaign. The brand has also released a #MonthOfGood Guide detailing different ways users can spread messages of kindness during the celebration. Tips include leaving positive comments on others’ posts and sharing good news on Instagram stories. The platform is also bringing back its popular “Ramadan Lantern” AR effect, which includes greetings in Arabic, English, Bahasa, Turkish, and Farsi. To top off the holiday initiative, Instagram will be highlighting content creators from around the world as they share their own unique Ramadan celebrations. 

Instagram is helping people maintain their connections while traditional Ramadan celebrations are hindered due to social distancing. Creating a campaign centered around togetherness and hope could strengthen Instagram’s community at a time when camaraderie is crucial.