Daily Insights

Instagram’s Social Media Milestone

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 16, 2020

Instagram hit the App Store in October of 2010, and since then has become the ultimate trend setting, social media behemoth. To celebrate the milestone, Instagram released a series of new features

When Instagram first made it to smartphones a decade ago, its logo was a small polaroid camera, which remained for five years before it got a new look—much to the dismay of fans. In honor of Instagram’s anniversary, users can now revert back to the original image thanks to a birthday feature that allows them to choose their own home screen logo. Users can pick from the nostalgic polaroid, a Pride flag icon, or a variety of solid colors. To continue the throwback theme of the birthday release, Instagram also unveiled a “Stories Map” which lets users look at all of the Stories they have posted from the past three years. The feature includes a calendar and private map, allowing users to reminisce about fun times, pre-pandemic. The nostalgic roll-outs could refresh loyalty with Instagram users, according to a Gartner report, as they may feel sentimental about the app’s anniversary and all of the memories posted in that time. 

As October is Bullying Prevention Month, Instagram also tied in relevant features for its birthday release. To prevent hate comments and hostility on the app, Instagram will now automatically hide any comments similar to ones that have already been reported for bullying. If users want to see what comments have disappeared, they can click on the new “View Hidden Comments” label. By hiding the comments from view, Instagram could potentially de-incentivise users from posting offensive or inappropriate responses. Additionally, Instagram expanded its “nudge warnings”, or the notification a user receives when trying to post offensive comments or content. The platform pinpoints “repeat offenders” with a pop-up message reminding a user that their account could be deleted if they post any more harassment or rude content. The feature could help users step back and reflect before posting or commenting anything offensive, thereby potentially helping instagram combat bullying on the app. 

In its 10 years, Instagram has garnered one billion users and transformed from a picture-sharing site into an e-commerce and pop culture hotspot. As Instagram looks towards the next decade, it may face steeper competition from social media newcomers like TikTok or Triller, but by remaining tapped into trends, like nostalgia,, the platform could be well on its way to another billion users.