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Is At-Home Fitness Here to Stay?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 17, 2020

Lululemon takes advantage of the at-home fitness trend by merging its workout clothes with a new exercise initiative. 

The activewear brand acquired interactive home workout company Mirror earlier this year to help sell its full-length mirrors, which broadcast workout classes and fitness statistics when turned on. With the holiday gift season fast approaching and at-home workouts continuing to surge in popularity according to a Gartner report, Lululemon is now making Mirror more accessible than ever before. The activewear brand will sell Mirrors online and in 18 of its stores, including in New York, Dallas, and D.C. The Mirrors will house Lululemon-specific features, such as brand ambassadors leading workouts. The brand also included new member features that allow users to turn on their cameras and interact with other users doing the same classes as them to mimic an in-person workout experience. Lululemon plans to build upon this viewing experience by letting users “face off” against each other by earning points during workouts. During the friendly fitness competitions users can also send virtual high fives and earn milestone rewards, which will be broadcast through the Mirror.  

Both Mirror and Lululemon have strong, loyal followings which could now merge to create a new audience of fitness devotees. By adding its own signature features to Mirror’s technology, Lululemon could entice more consumers to purchase it. As more consumers work out from home—and also purchase more activewear apparel—Lululemon could capitalize on the fitness trend to enhance the guest experience and its own digital presence. Selling Mirror and its at-home features could help the activewear brand engage consumers for longer periods of time as well as build up its image as a lifestyle brand. With fitness and non-fitness brands alike taking a slice out of the at-home workout market this year, Lululemon’s exercise extension could help it double down on its presence in the industry. Other brands including Equinox, Kind, and Apple have all revamped their offerings to meet at-home exercise enthusiasts, which shows consumer demand for fitness features could continue to grow. By selling both workout equipment like Mirror and its traditional activewear apparel, Lululemon could deepen community engagement, both virtually and in-store. 

Selling Mirrors could help Lululemon attract a larger audience of fitness fanatics and further encourage brand loyalty. Additionally, the product roll out allows the activewear brand to capitalize on a new revenue stream, which could potentially make up for lost sales during the Coronavirus pandemic.