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Is It Time for American Eagle to Soar?

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 05, 2021

Can a marketing strategy be made over? Jennifer Foyle, Aerie’s chief creative officer for the past ten years and newly promoted global brand president of parent company, AEO Inc. hopes so.

Trends come and go, but a trusty marketing mindset will rarely let you down. Aerie, sub-brand of American Eagle and specializer in intimate apparel, has seen tremendous growth over the past year, jumping 31 spots in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Apparel. One key way Foyle brought Aerie to success was by focusing on the brand’s core DNA and keeping the product at the center of marketing. Since Aerie is meant to be an intimates brand, it makes sense that Foyle zeroed in on the size zero debate by nixing the photoshop in favor of real bodies in what became the brand’s famous #AerieREAL campaign. For American Eagle, Foyle might focus on vintage vibes and denim at the forefront, in addition to choosing a core demographic and sticking to it.

Currently, Aerie’s Instagram features the phrase “Power. Positivity. No retouching.” American Eagle’s account dons a similar phrase (Individuality. Freedom. Difference.), but with the added sentiment “Take what we make + make it yours.”. This subtle difference in brand description might point to the missing nicheness in American Eagle as opposed to Aerie. Luckily, Aerie’s success translates to American Eagle’s success, which certainly helped the latter cement its place in the Gifted category in Gartner’s ranking. With Aerie translpant Foyle on board, is it finally time for American Eagle to soar?