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Jimmy Dean’s Delectable Decor

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 06, 2019

Jimmy Dean is gifting fans with the sweet smell of sizzling sausage. 

Jimmy Dean has released a host of “recipe gift exchange” items including the venerated sausage-scented wrapping paper. The gifts are part of an original campaign by the company to find the recipes top fans make using Jimmy Dean products. Until December 17th, fans can upload a photo of their homemade dish to the Jimmy Dean website in exchange for a themed gift. In addition to the scented wrapping paper, fans can choose from cowboy slipper boots, sausage candy canes, and other on-brand items. Many food brands utilize websites to create value for customers, particularly when hosting recipe content, according to a Gartner L2 report. Jimmy Dean has upgraded its value by allowing customers to post and share recipes with each other—creating a loyal community of meat-loving chefs. 

Many Jimmy Dean fans have already answered the call for sausage recipes. Fans that go online will find recipes for dishes such as sausage bolognese and a sausage cinnamon roll casserole. Jimmy Dean is encouraging fans to submit their favorite recipes quickly because they can only snag a sausage-spirited gift while supplies last

Jimmy Dean’s holiday gift exchange is making fans hungry for the holidays. The sausage brand has given a unique twist to holiday gifting—a twist that may leave fans smelling sausages under their Christmas trees. Food brands looking to stand out with holiday campaigns could look to Jimmy Dean on how to create an appetizing, if unusual, campaign.