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KFC’s New Game

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 06, 2021

KFC teams up with tech company Cooler Master to create an original gaming console, complete with a built-in “chicken chamber” to keep food warm while a user plays. 

The KFConsole is a new gaming device shaped like a classic KFC “bargain bucket”. The chicken-themed console is designed for hungry gamers and features a black and red finish, an homage to KFC’s signature color scheme. The console itself is equipped with the newest personal computer software, allowing it to handle 4K TV gaming and virtual reality features. The console’s chicken chamber includes a specialty tray that can heat up several pieces of chicken at a time, ensuring a gamer’s food does not get cold during an intense round of play. 

KFC and Cooler Master began promoting the KFConsole in December via a specialty Twitter channel and microsite. Through the platforms, users can find sketch designs of the console, lists of features, and original videos promoting the limited-edition product. KFC is also using the hashtags #PowerYourHunger and #KFConsole to build buzz around the new console-chicken combo. Neither the brand’s social media channels or website mention when—or if—the console will be for sale, however. As the KFConsole is a known “specialty” item, KFC could potentially use the device for a digital giveaway or sweepstakes in the near future. 

The KFConsole is the second gaming-themed campaign from a non-tech brand recently, following Philadelphia Cream Cheese’s holiday Philly Series 5 spoof promotion. While both campaigns exhibit the mainstream rise of gaming culture, the prevalence of food and restaurant brands engaging gaming audiences also signals a desire to reach tech consumers in atypical ways. With gaming sales increasing by 37% during the Coronavirus pandemic, connecting with its young consumer base could help brands like KFC boost its own digital following, according to a Gartner report. The unique gaming campaign following KFC’s collaboration with Crocs last year, which included platform shoes and a removable, chicken-scented shoe charm. 

KFC feeds into the rise of gaming with its latest chicken and tech-themed collaboration. By designing its own gaming console, the restaurant brand can expand its offerings beyond its physical locations to stay top of mind with digital diners from home.