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Kia Goes In With a Bang

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 08, 2021

Kia embraced a New Year’s Eve tradition by unveiling its new logo via fireworks display. The auto brand used 303 pyrodrones to light up the Incheon, South Korea night sky with its new logo signature. 

The elaborate display is a small part of Kia’s new “Plan S” strategy, which puts demand for electric vehicles and mobility services front and center. Kia’s new logo is designed to resemble a handwritten signature and launched in tandem with its new tagline, “Movement that inspires”. The revamped branding reflects Kia’s focus on modernity and the tech changes impacting the automotive industry as a whole. The updates and firework show are displayed in Kia’s newest YouTube advertisement, which received more than half a million views within a day. The flashy video could draw attention to Kia’s new look as well as set the stage for future visual engagements fans to anticipate. Kia already announced its next online lineup on January 15, a livestream event where it will walk viewers through its updated brand philosophy and products. 

The rapid industry and consumer preference shifts of the Coronavirus pandemic have left many brands undertaking ambitious remodels in the new year. In addition to Kia, Burger King, and the CIA also unveiled new logos and brand imaging that embrace modernity and digital direction. Kia’s focus on electric vehicles and eco-friendly energy sources also puts it in good company within the auto industry, as Ford also plans to ramp up its electric offerings this year according to a Gartner report. As the automotive industry continues to face increasing difficulty to retain relevance, particularly as consumers remain homebound during the pandemic, Kia’s ambitious advertising campaign could help it connect with potential car consumers. With the overall auto industry seeing a 19% decline in sales in 2020, starting a new campaign early into the new year could help Kia boost sales earlier this year and pave the way for vehicle and virtual promotions later in 2021.

Kia kicked off the new year with a literal bang via firework display and fresh branding. By ushering in a new era of digital focus and electric vehicles, Kia could appeal to contemporary consumers and set itself apart from alternative automakers.