Daily Insights

Kings of Social Distancing

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jun 12, 2020

Burger King Brazil’s new “Lockdown Whopper” campaign rewards customers with vouchers for free food anytime they stay home. Rewards for staying home range from a free whopper to an entire combo meal, which can be redeemed by ordering from the app. App users must agree to be monitored by Burger King’s geolocation tool for the promotion, with rewards arriving regularly the more someone shelters in place. An in-app promotion could strengthen the burger brand’s customer loyalty, as mobile apps provide the most immediate connection between restaurants and their devoted and existing customers, according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

Burger King is running the campaign in Brazil, where lockdown restrictions are currently being lifted despite the country having the world’s highest number of deaths per day. By encouraging fans in the country to continue staying indoors in exchange for free food, Burger King Brazil could gain support—and new app users—for its worthy cause. As lockdown can be bleak, adding an entertaining element—like winning free food—could further customer’s engagement with the brand. The restaurant chain released a 20-second ad for the “Lockdown Whopper” campaign, encouraging fans to stay home because “it pays off”. The ad will run across TV and digital media throughout the month of June, joining a series of other quarantine-focused initiatives the global brand has launched in recent months. For example, Burger King Italy created an onion-filled “Social Distancing Whopper”, while Burger King France released recipes for its most popular menu items for fans to make at home. 

Burger King’s newest campaign continues to acknowledge the global struggle of staying home, but rewards customers for doing so. By highlighting its geolocation features, the brand could boost its Brazilian user base and increase loyalty in a region where it has seen increasing growth potential in particular.