Daily Insights

KitKat Breaks From Tradition

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 03, 2020

KitKat puts its classic “Have a Break, Have a KitKat” slogan on hold while it crowdsources for an alternative. 

In honor of KitKat’s 85th anniversary, the candy company turns to Instagram and Twitter in search of a catchy new slogan. The “A Break For Have A Break” campaign asks fans to think up a new slogan while KitKat gives its traditional one a break. The writer of the winning slogan will receive an 85-hour “break” at a luxury hotel where they can escape pandemic-related stress and enjoy a plethora of free KitKats. Users can go to KitKat’s campaign microsite and use its “random slogan generator” to come up with a slogan or submit one they wrote themselves. Entrants can also turn to social media to bounce creative ideas off one another using the hashtag #ABreakForHaveABreak

KitKat’s campaign launched right before Halloween, which could help it snag more consumers as candy and chocolate stay top of mind. With 43% of Americans trading trick or treating for homebound activities this year, aligning its candy-coated image with creativity and connection could help KitKat continue to grow its sales despite the uncertain season, according to a Gartner report on the topic. Additionally, KitKat could retain consumer attention through its campaign sweepstakes, as it taps into consumers’ desire to take a break from election and pandemic pandemonium. By tying in a free trip to its campaign, KitKat could see a rise in slogan suggestions and stand out from candy competitors, like Mars Wrigley, Ferrero, and Hershey’s, which have all turned online to continue engaging candy consumers this year. 

By inviting fans to take a break for its 85th anniversary, KitKat could connect with candy-craving consumers and see not only an influx of slogan suggestions, but sales too.