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Kraft Heinz Spills the Beans

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jul 16, 2020

Kraft Heinz just launched its first podcast series. Fittingly called Table Stakes, the podcast gives listeners an in-depth look at the famous food company’s most popular products around the globe and the campaigns that turned them into household names.  

Table Stakes is hosted by The New York Times travel writer Peter Kujawinski and has seven episodes, each covering a unique topic, currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google for listeners around the world. For example, one episode digs into the story behind the popular “Weinermobile” and its two “hotdogger” drivers while another is dedicated to Heinz Beans’ status as a national pantry staple in the U.K. Listeners are introduced to products and promotions popular in other parts of the world, which could help cook up interest in bringing country-specific products to different markets.

As consumers are currently purchasing more canned and pre-packaged goods during the Coronavirus pandemic, Kraft Heinz has an opportunity to adapt its marketing strategy to show off its broader brand portfolio and potentially reach a wider array of shoppers, according to a Gartner report. The rise in pantry staple shopping in preparation for lockdowns has also given Kraft Heinz a boost. As such, the continued rise in food sales could help the food company stay top of mind with shoppers, priming them for a podcast all about the very foods that became their friends in the new age of social distancing. 

However, times are tough for players in the podcast field. Before the Coronavirus crisis, podcasts were most commonly consumed during commutes. When social distancing began and millions were forced to work from home, commutes were nixed and listenership declined. The number of new listeners to podcasts is steadily growing, so Table Stakes still has a chance to tempt new audiences. Additionally the series could draw in younger fans, as millennials and Gen-Z listen to podcasts the most. 

While many food brands advertise on streaming media through commercials and promotions, Kraft Heinz is adopting a new strategy that allows it to engage with its loyal fans for an extended length of time. The creation of a food-themed podcast from the perspective of an international food brand also provides a fresh taste for listeners intrigued by the industry, which could allow Kraft Heinz to continue its podcast long-term by giving consumers an inside look at their favorite products.