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Kraft’s Pink Pasta

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 11, 2021

What’s sweet, cheesy, and pink all over? Kraft’s new Valentine’s Day macaroni and cheese.

Kraft is falling deeper into the fantastic world of flavors with its own version of a Valentine’s Day dinner. Candy Kraft Mac n’ Cheese features standard Kraft macaroni noodles and a sachet full of pink, candy-flavored powder. US consumers could get their hands on a box by heading to a microsite or sweet-talking the brand on social media with one-liners and love poems. Recipients of the dinner are encouraged to share their pink pasta on social media, of course, because where else do happy couples flaunt their love these days?

Though the new dish may sound a bit dicey, it has certainly inspired consumers to step out of their comfort zones, if only for a moment. Additionally, consumer tastebuds are changing according to Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Food. Indeed, the pandemic has had a strange effect on consumer cravings, with some leaning into childhood favorites and others making over their meal plans completely to cater to a new, healthy lifestyle. Others have been digging up forgotten foods for the fun of it, or, perhaps as a response to the loss of taste and smell that the Coronavirus brought on, trying unexpected food combinations. Candy and cheese may actually be the perfect match for the current consumer, whether lonely or lucky in love.

it’s not the brand first foray into unpected flavors. Last fall, Kraft introduced Pumpkin Spice Mac n’ Cheese, which caused a similar stiron social media. Additionally, as restaurants continue to remain shuttered and consumers are expected to cook for themselves, perhaps Kraft’s candy-coated concoction will make the perfect Valentine’s dinner.

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