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Learn With Lowe’s

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 07, 2019

Just picked up some new tools at Lowe’s but don’t know how to use them? With a new emphasis on digital resources, the retailers has turned to YouTube to help customers see all the ways its tools can help them achieve different projects.

By increasing its social media presence and focusing on YouTube,Lowe’s has focused on accessibility, implementing on-site inventory tools so shoppers know that their product is available. This type of brand fulfillment is helping drive consumer loyalty, according to a Gartner L2 report on the topic. Lowe’s tags its website in each YouTube video so customers can click on the link and quickly view if the products used in the video are in stock in their nearest store. The efficient system comes in handy for the “how-to” videos posted on the channel, which have quickly become the most popular. 

Lowe’s posts two new videos a week on its YouTube channel but also utilizes Pinterest to promote new products and projects weekly. The big box store has turned to influencers to appear in some videos as well as on other social media pages, like Instagram, in an effort to attract niche markets to it’s pages. Because of its deep focus on digital media, Lowe’s allocates 50% of its marketing budget to be spent on digital media channels. The biggest challenge the home-improvement store has faced in its digital campaigns is how to design the experience to answer all the questions customers may have before deciding to buy a product. 

Lowe’s has worked hard to establish its online presence, and with over 750,000 subscribers on YouTube, the strategy seems to be paying off. As more big box brands continue to innovate online, it’ll be up to Lowe’s to generate new methods for attracting new customers online.  

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