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Lego’s Kid Cinema

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 13, 2020

Kids have wild imaginations—and Lego’s new movie trailers prove just how wild. 

Lego is releasing a new set of ads created by children. Lego released the first ad on Instagram—where they were designed to specifically fit the platform’s vertical formats. Instagram videos typically receive high interaction rates, so it makes sense Lego would put its advertising focus on the platform, according to a Gartner report. The blockbuster-esque movie trailers are told from a kid’s point of view and feature plots such as a high stakes robbery that turns into a musical number and a bank robber whose weapon of choice is a titanium fish. The eccentric ads let viewers revel in children’s creativity and aims to remind adults what they once loved about the iconic block toys. 

Lego created the ads in-house and pulled out all the stops to make the videos look straight out of Hollywood. Relying on a kid’s imagination and whimsical visions reinstates the brand’s image as a creative, enjoyable outlet—one that captivates both children and adults. While the movie trailers are entertaining, they also provide a great chance for Lego to heavily promote its Lego City Police set

Lego’s ads take the fun of playing with toys and brings that creative freedom to Instagram for viewers to enjoy. Brands looking to remind consumers why they love their products might take note of Lego’s child-sourced strategy when it comes to imaginative advertising.