Daily Insights

Less Worry, More Wellness

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 18, 2020

The Skimm created a new content platform, Skimm Well, to help its readers relax and de-stress. 

The Skimm’s lighthearted yet informative content aims to appeal to millennial women around the country. While the brand typically keeps readers up to date with current trends and world news, it’s now pivoting to keep readers in the loop on personal health and wellness as they navigate a stressful year. Skimm Well lives on The Skimm’s primary platform and serves as a destination for exercise, nutrition, medical, and mental health tips. Similar to its daily newsletter which walks readers through the biggest stories of the day, The Skimm crafted a “Skimm Well Wednesday” newsletter to guide readers through current wellness news and trends. With Skimm Well, the brand can serve actionable advice, such as encouraging regular health screenings, tips for anxiety, and developing healthy sleep habits. 

Across all of its channels, The Skimm reaches an audience of 12 million people. With the Coronavirus pandemic, U.S. election, and other simultaneously occurring events, it makes sense that 83% of The Skimm’s audience feel anxiety and stress are currently impacting their health. As many consumers turn online to search for health and wellness guidance, Skimm Well could meet the demand as a wellness destination, potentially appealing to a large audience. The Skimm will publish its health news and tips through its website, social channels, email, newsletter, and app, supplying readers with a range of viewing options. Much of the content is tailored to The Skimm’s young, female base, with topics such as overcoming anxiety in your 20’s or navigating parental leave in the U.S. available to readers. By devoting content to reader preferences, audiences could find Skimm Well to be a relatable and reliable wellness source, according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

The Skimm’s extension into health and wellness could help it to reach a wide audience through topics they are interested in. With the pandemic adding stress to consumer lives, Skimm Well could provide an educational, yet serene escape and make readers more inclined to spend time on the platform.