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LG’s Clean Mask Machine

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 04, 2020

Though masks have become the hottest commodity of 2020, not every mask is created equally. To help customers wear a mask that evenly cleans and makes breathing easy, LG created a new high tech alternative. 

LG’s new “Puricare Wearable Air Purifier” includes a mini HEPA filter for the face, similar to the filters used in its home air purifier products. The mask includes tiny, sensor-controlled fans, a rechargeable battery, and the promise of an “effortless” breathing experience. The built-in battery allows the mask to run for eight hours on “low-level” breathing assistance and for two hours on “high-level”. Each mask also includes a sterilizing case that can pair with a user’s smartphone to alert them when its filters need to be replaced. LG unveiled the mask at the virtual IFA Press Conference on September 3, where it revealed the mask hit the market later this fall. 

LG’s purifying mask could appeal to the plethora of consumers worried about face mask’s effectiveness at preventing the spread of Coronavirus. With many businesses and restaurants around the world requiring customers to wear masks, LG’s new product could gain international appeal. Though many fashion brands have been jumping on the bandwagon by creating and selling their own masks to consumers, LG is one of the first tech brands to join the trend. Its addition to the market could inspire companies from other nontraditional industries to try their hand at mask innovation, giving consumers even more options for the newest accessory of the year. By promoting its new mask on digital and social media, LG could drive awareness to its channels and further connect with consumers outside its typical target market, according to a Gartner report

The new Puricare mask gives consumes an alternative to the classic cloth or N95 masks that have surged in popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic. By creating a high-tech, sterilized option, LG could engage consumers searching for a new and breathable mask to wear for many months to come.