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Listen Both Waze

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 04, 2020

Driving app Waze partners with Amazon Music to help users play songs while getting driving directions. Rather than risking drivers switching between apps in the car, the collaboration will bring both music and guidance to the same screen. 

Waze’s Audio Player feature will house Amazon Music, which joins other platforms like YouTube, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and TIDAL in the integration. By merging its services with Waze, Amazon Music could see an increase in app usage and longer listening times. The partnership could also help Amazon Music reach new users, who may be familiar with Prime Video, but not its song selection. As demand for all streaming services increases during the Coronavirus pandemic, Amazon Music’s newest venture could help boost its image as a content giant according to a Gartner report. All of the music partners for Waze can be found in the musical note icon on the top of the app’s screen. From there, users can click which service they’d like to tune into and play their music in the car via bluetooth. 

Bringing Amazon Music to Waze allows the tech titan to extend its reach with consumers far beyond their homes. While Amazon traditionally uses its own physical products—like Amazon Alexa, Echo, or TV—to build up its digital offerings, the new partnership with Waze brings its music to an audience that may not be already tuned in. As such, Amazon could build upon listening rates to drive more consumers to its platform where they could then be inspired to check out additional services. Amazon could promote its partnership with Waze as particularly beneficial to current Prime members, as they get two million songs for free via Amazon Music. If listeners find themselves spending more time in the car streaming songs, the brand could encourage them to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, which gives consumers access to 70 million songs. No matter which subscription tier a listener falls under, the easy access to Amazon Music through Waze could boost their loyalty. 

Amazon Music’s addition to Waze allows it to connect with consumers no matter where they are or what platform they’re using. While the partnership could extend user listening times for Amazon Music, it also could set the stage for its own creation of a driving-focused app in the future.