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Looking for Gen Z? Check On Tier 2 Social Media Platforms

By: Iconoculture Research Team | Sep 26, 2019

Social marketing took 7% of the marketing budget in 2018, and 62% of marketers said they planned to increase social marketing spend this year. A large share of that money will go to the Big 3 platforms: Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Marketers see them as a sure bet for reaching customers, especially Gen Z, given this group’s high level of engagement on social media.

But there’s no guarantee of reaching Gen Z on the Big 3. Consumers overall have grown disillusioned with social media platforms in the past year and Gen Z consumers show the least amount of social media loyalty of any consumer group. 56% have deleted a social media account in the past year, compared with only 37% of the general population.

The flip side of Gen Z’s low social media loyalty is that their activity is broad. Gen Z users engage on a range of platforms, from the Big 3 to second-tier platforms such as Reddit and Snapchat. As important is how they engage: Gen Z users are open to interacting with brands wherever they are. 

As a consequence, some second-tier platforms that see low engagement from the general population could see moderate or high engagement from Gen Z as they use the platform to interact with brands.

 These facts suggest that brands may benefit from shifting some social ad spending away from Tier 1 and toward Tier 2 platforms. Though Tier 2 social media has fewer users overall, the ones who are there may be exactly who you’re trying to reach. They may also be easier to attract in a less brand-crowded space.