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Looking for Likes in All the Wrong Places

By: Marina Carpintero | Sep 12, 2019

Fewer millennial women than men get an emotional benefit from social media use, according to the Gartner Millennial Survey 2019.

When asked about their reasons for engaging on social media and what they get out of it, 51% of millennial men and 60% of millennial women say they post content “to express my feelings” one of the top three motivators for both genders.

Yet when asked about the emotional impact social media has on them, women are less likely than men to report that social media participation makes them feel confident, happy, popular or accepted and included. Those social media “Likes”or lack of likeshave a down side.

The take-away for social media marketers that hope to engage women is to adjust your marketing strategy to engage them through positive messaging. Brands should aim to connect with women in a way that makes them feel included and accepted. Uplifting content that promotes self-confidence and joy could build positive associations for a brand that pays back in the form of trust and brand loyalty.