Daily Insights

Lowe’s Lockers

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 07, 2020

Picking up orders from Lowe’s just got more socially-distancing friendly as the retailer introduces contactless lockers. With holiday shopping ramping up, the brand plans to make the lockers available at most stores by Thanksgiving and at every store by next March. 

Lowe’s pickup lockers could not only keep customers safely distanced while at the store but could make its pickup functionalities more appealing to online shoppers. Customers with purchases in a locker will receive a one-time scannable barcode on their smartphones which can be used to unlock their assigned cubby when items are ready to be retrieved. Lowe’s, which has seen skyrocketing demand for delivery and pickup during the Coronavirus pandemic, can use its lockers to drive customers to stores. Particularly with the upcoming holiday season, its “order online, pick up in-store” model could add convenience and flexibility to shoppers’ experiences and leave them more inclined to revisit. Already 60% of online Lowe’s orders are obtained in-store, so the implementation of pickup lockers could further incentivize customers to use the feature. 

Pickup lockers are not the only accommodation Lowes has rolled out following a surge in online business. The retailer also revamped its website to offer additional online support and digital business features and made its platform cloud compatible. The updates could encourage customers to spend more time on Lowe’s website and test out its new features. Additionally, consumer’s renewed interest in homeware and decor shopping during the pandemic could help Lowe’s capitalize on its refurbished website to engage consumers, according to a Gartner report on the topic. Lowe’s could promote the lockers as a faster and safer alternative to shopping in store as well as more cost efficient than delivery. As more than half of holiday consumers plan to utilize store pick-up capabilities this year, the arrival of Lowe’s lockers could suit a large audience. With more retailers gearing up early for the shopping season and adjusting to consumer demand for pickup functionality, Lowe’s quick rollout of pandemic-friendly lockers could also help it stand out from the competition. 

By adding pickup lockers in-store, Lowe’s can merge its online and brick and mortar businesses in a convenient way for modern consumers. With online shopping expected to surge through the end of the year, alternative purchase methods could help Lowe’s connect with its consumers and sustain its sales demand.