Daily Insights

Loyalty Without Borders

By: Evan Bakker | Jun 04, 2019

Beyond hitting basic core objectives, best-in-class brands find ways to capture data and activate it across channels through loyalty programs.

Overall, 73% of brands analyzed in Gartner L2’s mobile report with such programs integrate them into their apps. While recently viewed items can be surfaced through implicit data capture, brands must also collect explicit data on their customers to provide personalized experiences online and in stores. Whether or not brands have loyalty programs, they can collect data at the account customization stage through preferences settings. However, only 35% of studied apps offered preferences settings, leaving the rest without a unique value proposition. The presence of preferences settings translates to higher app ratings, retention and, importantly, average monthly time spent per user.

Adidas is one brand that grasps the importance of data capture in the context of loyalty programs. The activewear brand, ranked as a leader, pitches its Creators Club rewards program at the outset, integrating it into the app profile. Users can track their rewards points, set their interests and see upcoming events and product launches. Adidas gives each member a unique ID that can be used across the brand’s app, website and stores. The ID, presented as a scannable barcode, can be accessed throughout the app. The ID adds convenience for the shopper, but importantly also allows Adidas to track cross-channel behavior that can be leveraged to optimize future experiences. To cap it off, the brand also markets the new app with signage in its stores.

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